Maybe it all started in Eger (city in Hungary). Or maybe it started at my aunt’s dressing table?
The table was decorated with scarfs and beads, like some sort of beautiful stage setting.
As a little girl I just stood and watched the beauty. It is interesting that I didn’t even feel like touching it, I just wanted to watch.

Maybe it started there?

Eleven years ago we were in Eger with Béka. Eger, Debrecen, Hortobágy. Our first ever trip together. Ever since I have the feeling that we are still continue travelling. At the foot of the castle of Eger there was a small ornament store. A store, where you just have to step in. It was full of ceramic beads. You could choose from them and put them on a leather string. There were so many that I couldn’t even choose which one to get. I wanted to just take a bag full of them home, but at the end I managed to choose 5 pieces. Maybe I never even wore them, but it became part of our memory album.

Maybe it started there?

Béka took me to my first bead shop in Budapest. At times like this one would just want to get everything, ideas are storming through one’s mind. But if you have nothing yet, it is very hard to choose.

This is how it started once. I was spending time online, but the interent did not contain any information relevant to beading. There were not so many hungarian beaders, there were hardly any blogs. I searched and thought about what I could make and how I could make it. This lasted for a couple of months and then nothing happened for years.

I had a basket, which I took with me everywhere. It was full of beads. Since I had to change locations every half a year because of my work I just carried the basket from one place to another.
When half a year was over I started packing and of course the basket appeared. I thought about the months that passed by and wished I could finally unpack for good.

As the years passed by the basket started to be more worn and the thought that I needed to find a place where I can settle down grew stronger and stronger.

It’s been almost two years since we moved together with Béka and the basket is finally empty.
I got a huge desk, and on it there is less and less free space. Beads started coming and I started to collect them.
And the table was constantly calling me.

Finally I started.

A new dress and immediatly came a new baracelet to go with it. As my collection of beads grew, the amount of jewlery I created also grew. I started to give them away and from there I got my first couple of orders.
By now I can’t even image who I could live without beading and without creating jewelry. What should I do with all this treasure? It is impossible to wear them all.

The existing ideas give birth to new ideas. And I am learning a lot of new things.

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