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Green Howlite Pendant

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Howlite and Antique Silver Pendant

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Howlite is named after Henry How, the Canadian geologist who discovered the mineral back in the late 1800s. Howlite is naturally white or gray and features speckled veining that adds to the stone's character. Because howlite is porous, it can be dyed to resemble other gemstones, like turquoise.
Howlite is believed to be a calming stone, helping to relieve stress and anger and alleviate insomnia. Howlite is also said to balance the levels of calcium in the body.
It is commonly used to relieve stress, and ease an overactive mind so that you can rest and sleep more easily. For this reason it is often used as an antidote to insomnia. It relieves not only stress, but also negativity. So if you are feeling upset, or reacting to another person's negative emotions, howlite will help you keep those emotions at bay and ease the situation.
Howlite reflects and transfers spirit energy throughout the body-earth, and cleanses the mind and emotions of negative thoughts and images.

The Pendant

Pendant with howlite gemstone and glass beads. The pendant can be worn on a chain or a plain leather strap.
Colour: Green, Antique Silver
Material: Howlite, Miyuki beads, Ultrasuede (rear)
Pendant length (including loop): approx. 6 cm
Pendant Width: approx. 2 to 4 cm
Inner diameter of loop: approx. 6-7 mm

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The decorative nature of howlite makes it ideal for jewelry, but it is a soft stone and proper care should be taken to avoid scratches and sharp blows. Clean your howlite jewelry with a soft cloth and warm water and should be stored in cloth bag or in its own box to prevent it from getting scratched by other pieces of jewelry.

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