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Emerald and Butterfly Necklace

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Agate and Lava Stone Embroidered Necklace

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Lava Stones

The life of lava stones start out as rocks, usually beneath an active volcano. Temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius and huge pressure make the rock melt. This molten rock is spewed out of the erupting volcano and flows in streams until cooler air freezes it solid.

Lava stone beads have great structure due to their many holes and bubbles. This makes them unique and lightweight.

The Necklace

The necklace is created from lava- and glass beads with silver plated lobster clasp and regulation chain. The pendant is made with the "bead embroidery" technique with glass beads and agate gemstone.
Color: Dark Green, Emerald, Brown, Silver
Material: Agate, Miyuki and Preciosa glass beads, Metal, Ultrasuede (rear)
Necklace Length: 51 + 7 cm
Pendant Lenght: approx. 7 cm
Pendant Width: approx. 4 to 5 cm

Please note: Slight color variations are possible due to different user screen (monitor) settings.


Be careful about exposing jewelry to chemicals. Spraying perfume while you're wearing your jewelry can cause considerable damage to them over time. You must also avoid spilling any liquid on them, especially when it has rather strong properties such as lemon and vinegar. 

Cleaning should always be done with a fine and clean cloth after each wear.
It should be stored in cloth bag or in its own box to prevent it from getting scratched by other pieces of jewelry.


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