We are always looking for something. Happiness, love, goals, meaning. We like to remember the things which fills us with joy, which makes us happy. These are the moments we look back at - even when we feel the complete opposite.

Obviously we try to spend our free time with the things we love the most, and the luckiest of us can even enjoy their hobbies during working hours.

I am not one of the luckiest yet, but the joy of the moment is inside every little treasure. The joy which fills me during the creation, the joy which fills me when the piece is finished and the joy which fills me when I can share it with someone.

Sitting next to the beads and stones the world seem to disappear. Everything becomes quite and only I exist in my small little world. And the beads can feel this. They are smiling at me and they are proud that they are important to someone. If I forget about them or don't pay enough attention to them even for a second they get offended and they penalize me: they wiggle and move around.

In the meantime I learn, and I am also learning about myself.
We all try to be perfect for the first time, but sometimes we are  hesitant to start new things because it is foreign territory. Perhaps the hardest is to admit to ourselves that we don't always know everything. But sometimes we can start again. Sometimes when we do something wrong or when we haven't payed enough attention we do have another chance. And afterwards, the feeling that we had the courage to start over - even after a failure - fills us with joy. This is what makes us even happier.

These little things are also looking for their way, their joy, their meaning.


For those who would like something more down to earth

Name: Krisztina Papp
Age: it is not appropriate to ask
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Height: 165 cm (5.41 feet)
Weight: after the age this is the second worst thing to ask
Hair color: black
Eye color: chocolate brown
Other: Without glasses I don't see that well

I have never done any jewelry courses but maybe one day I will.
If something is good in my opinion I create it.
I don't deny that the Internet has been of great help, in fact it is even today. I search for techniques online as well as getting lots of inspirations.

For more information I am available at your service. Contact me using the online form or send me an email at

Enjoy your stay!